Level 2 Charger​

The Industry’s Fastest AC Charger. Pedestal or Wall Mounted.

EVmode’s Level 2 Charger is the fastest AC charger on the market and the industry’s first vertically-integrated company to design and manufacturer in the USA. Experience speed, style, and reliability for maximum charger uptime with EVmode’s management software and app integration.

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55” Dual Digital Signage Charger

4000 NITS of Brightness Delivering Dynamic Ads and 19.2kW of Charge

The EV industry’s fastest level 2 charger comes equipped with dual 55″ LG outdoor displays and 4000 nits of brightness to deliver crisp, vibrant ads in a sleek metal body —even in direct sunlight.

The fully networked charger and iconic design is equipped for ads on both sides with two 55-inch displays which are LG digital signage monitor.


Level 3 DC Fast Charger

Sleek meets speed.

EVmode’s Level 3 DC fast charger delivers 100kw or 175kw to dual ports simultaneously. (Coming soon)